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IT solutions, Software Engineering, OutSystems, Low code development, Enterprise Service Management, Cloud Services Nearshore

Success stories that make us unique.

Our solid knowledge and deep experience make us an important ally for our clients. We are proud to say that we have been helping  them overcome their most difficult challenges with our  best-fit solutions

Over the years, we have gained expertise in different areas such as Banking, Transportation, Government, Information Technology, Insurance, and Telecommunications.

Meet a few of our successful projects

Success Stories, Software Engineering, Low-code development, Insurance company, Insurance solutions, OutSystems Partner.

OutSystems Development | Insurance
Leading Dutch Claim Handling Company

Our client´s challenge was to efficiently manage claims to more than 1000 businesses and insurance companies in more than 16 countries through OutSystems low-code development.


  • Achievement of exponential business growth

  • Development of an outstanding insurance claim handling system following Agile Methodology with 5-week sprints using OutSystems technology.

  • Significant improvement of business agility and efficiency

  • Acquisition of regularization departments of large European companies. 

Inoweiser Success Stories, Cloud Services, Cloud Computing, Airline company, cloud solutions, Nearshore

Cloud Professional Services | Transportation
Airline Company

This project´s challenge was to implement Cloud Services to increase cost-efficiency while maintaining the current “ability to sell”, SLA. It also aimed to allow the ability to support planned and unplanned peak demands, reducing time to market without wasting resources or incurring excessive costs.


  • Exceptional cloud-based environment, able to scale on demand 

  • Ability to handle a growth of 20% per year

  • Increased reliability and resiliency to protect against failures

  • Increased cost-efficiency

  • Significantly reduced time to market

Success Stories, Enterprise Service Management, Utilities industry, ITSM platform, IT process, Information technology.

Enterprise Service Management | Utilities 
The Largest Private
Road Operator in Portugal

This project aimed to identify the IT best processes to support service management, including the daily needs of internal customers, effective Information Technology infrastructure management in expansions and pressure to maintain the cost of operating costs.


  • Definition of the most suitable IT service process management

  • Successful implementation of HP Service platform and migration of historical data from the previous platform.

  • Upgrade and customization of new functionalities in the solution

  • Assertive KPI Implementation and reliable reports, creating leverage to consolidate and automate business processes;

  • Evolutionary maintenance of the ITSM platform.


OutSystems Development | Manufacturing
Portuguese Paper Manufacture
Products available in 60 countries

In this project, we developed one single portal solution using OutSystems technology in which all the service providers can access the Health and Safety portal and submit easily and faster all the documentation required to be compliant with the client´s best practices.


The solution notifies the service provider of critical actions (e.g expired and non-compliant documents & info.


  • Reduction of the time wasted with emails, calls and other interactions during the Health and Safety process validation

  • Achievement of an efficient, controlled and seamlessly process. 

Success Stories, Software Engineering, Low-code development, Airline company, Inoweiser OutSystems Partner Portugal.

OutSystems | Transportation
Portuguese Airline Market Leader

This challenge was based on a long-term strategic partnering for OutSystems factory governance and application development, including development, project tech lead, factory governance and strategic advising.


  • Successful Factory Governance

  • Outstanding development with the following technologies OutSystems, Oracle, C#, .Net, DB2, SAP, FileNet, and Salesforce.

  • More than 80 first-class applications being managed

  • Increased business agility and efficiency

Our challenge can be your next success story.

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