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Governance Risk & Compliance, Security, Digital Transformation, Administration & Networking, Service & Operations.

Areas of Expertise

Inoweiser Skill Placement (Outsourcing) services, Governance Risk & Compliance, Auditing, ISO 270001, ISO 22301, ISO 31000.

Governance Risk 
& Compliance

GDPR | Privacy | DeRisk
ISO 27xxx Security
ISO 22301 Business Continuity
ISO 31000 Risk Management

Project Management
PMP | PPNCE2  | ISO 20000 
ITIL | CMMI | Credit Scoring
Debt Recovery | COBIT

Anti-money Laundry 

Inoweiser Skill Placement (Outsourcing) services helps your challenge in Information Analysis challenges.

Information Analysis

Business Intelligence | Big Data | Data Mining | Datawarehouse
ETL | Data Quality
Artificial Intelligence

Inoweiser Skill Placement (Outsourcing) services helps your challenge in Security, Information Classification.


Information Classification
DPL and Data Classification
 Security by Design | Auditing
Identity Management
Secure Document Management

Inoweiser Skill Placement (Outsourcing) . Cloud Services. System, Network and database Administration.