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Inoweiser doubled the donations made by its team to support people that are on the borders with Ukraine. 

(April) As a gesture of thanks, we received this special video from AMI´s team in Hungary.

Inoweiser is open to help Ukrainian Tech companies to relocate to Portugal.

We have decided to engage our team to support any IT / Tech Nearshore, Outsourcing and Recruitment Ukrainian companies that have been affected by the war, and help them: 


- Relocating their employees, digital workplaces and offices to Portugal
- Relocating their on-premises data centres to Portugal
- Any other support needed

If that makes sense for you or someone you know, please, click here and contact us.

We are rising items donations for Ukrainian families refugees in Portugal.

(March) We mobilized our team and neighbours to get donations of hygiene and baby items, clothes, and food for refugee families welcomed in Portugal. Inoweiser delivered the items directly to the families, having the opportunity to learn about their history. 

Inoweiser support to ukrainian families refugees in Portugal nearshore tech company
Inoweiser nearshore company donations for ukrainian families refugees in Portugal.

(June) We continued the campaign and members of our cybersecurity team delivered the new donations at AMI´s headquarters. They had the opportunity to learn more about the 30 years of AMI´s history.

Inoweiser´s cybersecurity team deliver donations at Ami Foundation.

Inoweiser also opened vacancies for Ukrainians who intend to find refuge in Portugal.

(February) We have expressed our interest in recruiting Ukrainian professionals through the new platform provided by the IEFP. The platform is part of "Portugal for Ukraine", an initiative of the Portugals´ Government, to support Ukrainians who intend to reside in Portugal.

Together for peace.

Last update: June 9th

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