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Prepare your organization for
future challenges and goals,
by wisely identifying and accelerating the best way to change

Business changes fast, your organization must be faster and agile. But how?

Business transformation means making fundamental changes in how an organization runs. This includes personnel, processes, and technology, aiming for higher competitiveness and overall effectiveness and efficiency. In a disruptive era, these needs for change happen faster, and timelines to execute them are increasingly reduced.

Business Transformation Challenges

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Business Processes

Processes are complex, unaccountable, redundant, non-automated, time-consuming and not focused on strategic goals.

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Organization & Team

Undervalued personnel skills and experience, low autonomy, organization silos or bottlenecks, heavy and non-oriented structure.

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Top-down bureaucratic hierarchies, slow and highly concentrated

decision-making and reaction to new developments

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Information & Data

Dated or inexistent technology, concentrated and unshared data and information, low Digital Era awareness and technological leverage.

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Wrong organization evolution, driven by leadership personalities and not corporate criteria, reflecting on how people are rewarded and recognized

Increase your business autonomy by implementing the best Enterprise Service Management practices with Inoweiser

Assess reality, Conceive the future, Change the path, Enforce transformation and Leverage your business.


Approach your challenges, threats and opportunities with a deep knowledge of business reality and trends, but always searching for the best value and time-to-market that best fits your company’s environment and goals.

1. Assess Reality

2. Conceive the Future

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Evaluate your organization´s status and reality. Create awareness without judgment, in order to more objectively evolve. Identify the major goals and struggles, regardless of trends suggested by market, technology and internal evaluation preconceptions.

Envolve major stakeholders in the teams, departments and individuals and conceive the overall Solution and Plan to achieve it, identifying the change impact on business growth, work content, environment, technology, roles and benefits for every employee and the organization.

3. Change the Path

Improve your processes, technology, organization structure, and personal skills. Build individuals empowerment and business agility. Manage change on an individual level, as you steer your organization’s change on a tailormade broader level.

5. Leverage Your Business and Next Evolution

As goals were achieved and threats minimized, leverage change as a constant behaviour and approach, embraced by your organization.
The adaptation to a new business environment will create more opportunities and first perceptions for further evolutions.

4. Enforce Transformation

Implement change, making sure the entire organization is engaged and focused on the objectives. Employees will be involved through recognized communication.

Inoweiser Enterprise Service Management Services increase your business autonomy. Nearshore Micro focus

ACCELWISER & Digital Change Management

ACCELWISER strongly approaches Digital Transformation, as a major orientation for change,
as well as knowledge on how to do it. 

On a Digital Era, human acceptance and adaptation is a key success factor on any change, as it must be ensured that any change implementation places the organization more closer to its objectives.

Reengineer your business processes, implement an Enterprise Architecture concept, review resource usage and operational tactics, increase training and communication, grow your team skills and engagement as your organization moves forward.

Digital Change Management

Make Digital Change a constant embraced by your organization.

We help you build your Digital Change Plan, managing change from an individual level to an organizational one.

Business Process Digital Reengineering

Keep the focus on your business objectives by creating or improving processes to make them more effective and efficient.


We support you to choose the best solutions, regardless of the mainstream trends, and keep continuous improvement.




Business Process
Digital Reengineering

Digital Change Management

Enterprise Architecture

Have the information you need to make the right and strategic decisions.


We are the perfect partner to create the roadmap to change and improvement; give you strategic decision-making support and a top-down 360º organizational/business and systems information vision.

Wiser Knowledge

ACCELWISER is more than a methodology, it´s a Wide-Ranging Insight on Strategic Evolution Resources. 

The best way to help achieve your business’ objectives and transformation, providing all necessary dimensions of knowledge.

The most experienced resources in product analysis and management, business analysis, and transformation management, support our methodological approach with real business knowledge, challenges and opportunities, along with a set of partnerships and solutions that represent the best that market has to offer, to maximize the entire transformation process. 



Deep industry knowledge in areas such as Banking and Finance, Insurance, Energy, Government, Education, Health, HR, Telecommunications, Transport, Agriculture and Primary Sector, Industry, and Security.

Solid Skills

All the support needed is made by proven experienced professionals.


Best fit solutions

Our Excellence Centres assure that your organization have the perfect fit solution for your specific challenge (product, service, expertise and technology).

Inoweiser Enterprise Service Management Services help your decision-making process.

Agnostic Approach

Our methodology is 100% regardless of trends suggested by market, technology and internal evaluation preconceptions. We consider what your business really needs.

Ready to see a better future for your organization?